The SYCC has much to offer in terms of discovering what animals use Tampa Bay and its watershed as their home. Students can come and explore what lives in their own back yard whether a fish, bird, mammal or reptile. Invertebrates such as corals, crabs, marine snails and insects can be found too. Students will learn about the biology, life-history and potential threats these animals and their habitats face living in today's world.

Hands-on, marine science education lessons are woven into each recreational skill that students will learn, along with stewardship behaviors and conservation literacy concepts that will be correlated to Florida's educational standards. Wildlife discovery lessons are available to teachers and students free of charge, but schools must provide their own transportation.

A wildlife lesson example - Fiddler Fun in the Sun

Students will learn about the life-cycle and novel behavior of fiddler crabs. Then they will create and test a hypothesis to assess the gender ratio of a fiddler crab colony. The data set they collect will be analyzed and graphed. Students will then estimate the number of fiddler crabs living in that colony using random quadrat sampling and burrow counts. (Warmer days and low tide are best for this lesson.)