Volunteers from Castaway Anglers Club in Ruskin, FL helping to prepare for day of youth kayaking

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer at the Suncoast Youth Conservation Center? Please check all areas of interest and return this form to the Suncoast or email it to Kathy.Guindon@MyFWC.com.

Note: volunteers who work directly with or around youth more than 10 hours a month will be asked to complete a background check. To volunteer for Summer Camp 2018, please have all paperwork in by March 31, 2018. A complete volunteer packet for summer camp can be picked up in person at the Suncoast Youth Conservation Center. You will need to bring your driver's license or government issued ID.

Program Preparation - Assist with setting up or completing prep work required for student educational programs such as preparing crafts, laminating, photocopying worksheets, staging outdoor activities on the FCTC grounds, setting up microscopes, or assembling field equipment such as seine nets and specimen jars.

Education - Work with school groups teaching environmental education and stewardship of our resources. Work with our community and used to educate them about the wonders of Tampa Bay and Florida’s natural ecosystems. Provide examples of how everyone can make a difference. *Note will require a background check.

Social Media - Assist with getting the SYCC message out using social media.

Greeter/open hours - Welcome visitors, staff building and display areas and share information about the SYCC, it's trails, displays, wildlife and programs-with others.

Interpretation/information - Help create and maintain SYCC information and display areas. Perhaps develop graphics for use in a variety of digital and printed media. Assist with the development or presentation of SYCC materials.

Maintenance - Assist with maintenance of trails, facilities and roadways. Work includes trimming vegetation, mowing, weed pulling, and maintaining buildings and equipment. Equipment includes that used for kayaking and saltwater fishing programs.

Habitat - Enhance habitat on the Florida Conservation and Technology Center property for wildlife. Help maintain the tidal marsh and keep kayak trails clear of branches. Help eradicate invasive plants. Keep areas free from litter.

Office/administration - Assist with office tasks such as copying, filing, setting up phone trees, logging volunteer hours, etc.

Outreach - Staff educational booths at community events and share the FYCCN Suncoast mission with others. Encourage youth and adults to learn about Florida's natural resources through hands-on activities.

Photography - Take photos at SYCC events and programs for use in brochures, displays, website, Facebook, etc.

Website development - Provide additions to existing website materials such as a species database, interactive material, video clips, etc.

Please print, fill out and return the following volunteer forms to the SYCC:

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